Blood Samples


Diagnostic Research Laboratory collects up to 30 – 50 ml of whole blood from one donor. Blood samples can be collected in:

  • Special tubes for further isolation of plasma, serum or PBMCs
  • Special tubes for further DNA or RNA extraction


Diagnostic Research Laboratory collects up to 10 – 15 ml serum per donor per blood draw.

Serum samples are collected according to the Diagnostic Research Laboratory SOPs.

Diagnostic Research Laboratory can perform custom collection using clients’ SOPs, protocols, and collection tubes.

Serum samples are processed and frozen at – 20°C within 2 hours after blood draw and then are transferred to – 80°C within 72 hours for long-term storage.

A standard serum aliquot is 1 mL. Different aliquot sizes can be collected upon client’s request.

Serum samples are checked for hemolysis after processing by the research nurse.

Hemolyzed samples are discarded and not stored for distribution. The Quality Control Manager performs review of the samples before shipment.