Specimen Collection

Specimen Collection

All clinical materials are obtained following validated protocols, in conjunction with the Institutional Review Board (IRB)/Ethical committee’s approval in accordance with ICH and GCP guidelines.

We provide electronic biospecimen tracking, storage and shipping services.

All our samples can be labeled with a matching barcode, QR code, and alpha-numeric identifier. We can print a secondary label for our samples according to your request.

Our biospecimens are consistent due to our rigorous staff training, exhaustive operating protocols for collections, and quality control system.

Certified pathologists validate biospecimens to ensure correct diagnosis, proper fixation, and to confirm the tissue characteristics.

All donors are screened for the absence of HCV, HBV and HIV infections before tissue procurement unless these diseases are a subject of the study requested by the client.


Biospecimens are offered in several formats to meet research needs:

  • Fresh frozen (FF) tissue samples and biofluids, formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FPPE) tissue samples, or tissues otherwise preserved as requested. We can separate whole blood into different fractions (plasma, serum, PBMCs, buffy coat) and dissociate fresh tissue into individual viable cells.
  • A tumor and matched adjacent normal tissue.
  • A matched pair of specimens provided in both FFPE and fresh frozen (FF) formats that are derived from the same tumor.
  • A full set of specimens from the same patient: a matched pair of FF and FFPE tissues with an accompanying set of biofluids (whole blood, serum, plasma, etc.).