Biomarker and Protein Analysis

  • Tumor biopsies.
  • Blood samples.
  • FFPE tissue samples.
  • Primary cancer cells and 3D organoids.
  • qPCR (gene in vitro):
  • Quantifies gene expression levels using RNA extracted from cells or tissues.
  • Western blot (protein in vitro):
  • Detects specific proteins and assesses their expression levels using protein extracts from cell or tissue samples.
  • ELISA (protein in vitro or ex vivo):
  • Measures protein concentration in various sample types, including blood and tissue extracts.
  • IHC/IF (protein staining ex vivo):
  • Immunohistochemistry (IHC) and Immunofluorescence (IF) visualize protein expression in tissue sections, cells, and organoids.
  • Flow-cytometry:
  • Analyzes cell surface and intracellular protein expression in single cells from blood, tissue, or cell samples.
  • Luminex® multiplex assay:
  • Simultaneously measures multiple proteins in a single sample using bead-based technology.