Our Products

Well-characterized high-quality human tissues and biofluids: more than 50,000 cases, including 100,000 images of the tumor.

BioBank of more than 30,000 oncology cases.

Biospecimens with specific molecular characteristics can be requested.

Low-passage patient-derived material preserves primary cell features and provides more reliable results.

Robust and easy to use for preclinical trials and research.

Better evaluation, in an early stage, of which drugs are effective compared to 2D cell line models.

Faster development and less expensive compared to patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models.


  • Access to a diverse range of patients with full medical history.
  • Large biobank of samples.
  • Prospective collection services.
  • Consent forms for commercial use.
  • Samples are verified and characterized using specific biomarkers.
  • Fast delivery from Europe without the need to deal with customs.
Types of samples
  • Fresh frozen (FF) and formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue samples.
  • Dissociated single cell mix.
  • Whole blood and a wide range of blood-derived products (including plasma, serum, platelets, PBMCs, buffy coats, etc.).
  • Tumor and matched adjacent normal (healthy control) tissue.
  • A set of specimens from the same patient.
  • Other biofluids, including saliva, bone marrow, and urine.
  • Low-passage patient-derived primary cells.
  • Solid tumors.
  • Hematological malignancies.
  • Cardiovascular conditions.
  • Neurological diseases.
  • Autoimmune diseases.
  • Gastrointestinal diseases.
  • Pulmonary diseases.
  • Metabolic disorders.
  • Inherited conditions.
  • Infectious diseases.
  • Custom requests.
Our PRIMARY CELLS and 3D CELL CULTURE MODELS are provided with:

In-depth reporting: Includes comprehensive clinical reports, testing for established disease markers, and all related culturing protocols.

Essential culturing reagents prepared per individual request.

Flexible and customizable additional characterization (validation) services:

Primary cells

Power up your research with the essential tool of primary cell culture!
Why choose our primary human cancer cells:

Variety of unique cells derived from fresh samples supplemented with robust patient information. We offer a wide variety of unique human primary cancer cell lines derived from tumors and surrounding tissues. We have access to various fresh tissue specimens from core biopsies, pleural effusions, and resections which reflect the tumor's natural microenvironment and preserve specific crosstalk between healthy and cancer cells. All our samples are traceable back to the patient and can be supplied with relevant information including demographics and medical history.

Freshly isolated and frozen at the early passage to preserve unique in vivo tumor features. Our primary cells are freshly isolated using well-established standardized enzymatic digest and mechanical isolation protocols and maintained for culture in vitro. We offer robust primary cell cultures at the early passage when the cells more closely recapitulate the physiological state of in vivo tumors and therefore allow the generation of the most biologically relevant data.

Advantage over immortalized cells. Our cells offer an advantage in preclinical and discovery oncology research compared to widely used immortalized cells, which commonly carry gross mutations and chromosomal abnormalities that can attribute to changed cell behavior and limited usefulness in studying specific cancer mechanisms.

We are still working on our catalog of primary cells, please send your inquiry to us directly using our contact form.

3D cancer models

Step up your in vitro drug testing using our 3D cell culture models. Our group of highly qualified and experienced scientists offers the generation of custom 3D cellular models for your research.

3D cancer spheroids

We culture human primary cancer cells obtained from the donor’s tissues in multicellular, three-dimensional structures, more closely recapitulating the architecture of the parental tissue than is possible in the 2D adherent cell cultures.

Spheroid models can better predict the drug response and drug resistance as the morphology and polarity of the cells are maintained, and they imitate in vivo-like cellular crosstalk and interactions with the environment.

Therefore, primary cancer cells cultivated in the form of spheroids preserve the closest similarity to the in vivo tumor cells when studying gene expression, signaling, and metabolism.

Our Services

 Diagnostic Research Laboratory (DRL) offers a range of innovative products and services to fast-track drug development, including:

Drug discovery screening assays on organoids for pre-clinical trials

Innovative: closely mimic the complex structure and functionality of human organs.

Sophisticated: better insight into human development and disease.

Reliable: confirmed by fluorescence and luminescence assays.

Efficient: preserve data integrity.

Phase 0 testing of therapeutics

Fast evaluation of drug efficiency and safety before clinical trials.

Easier to determine dosage.

Saved lives of healthy people.

Access to low-cost medical facilities overseas.

In compliance with legal and ethical standards

You Receive with DRL

Competitive Pricing
Quality Control and Assurance
Process Visibility and Clarity
Standardized and Customizable Protocols