A rapidly growing international team of 100+ professionals :

Ownership in laboratories in San Diego, (USA), Kyiv (Ukraine), and Vilnius (Lithuania).

Local branches in Bulgaria and Poland (potentially in South Africa and Brazil).

Reliable business network of local partnerships in Brazil, Germany, Great Britain, India, Latvia, and South Africa.

We are able to deliver high quality results efficiently and at a competitive price. Our team of experienced scientists, engineers, and technicians work together to provide innovative solutions for clients in the pharmaceutical business and research. Our laboratories are equipped with the latest technology and equipment, allowing us to perform a wide range of analytical tests with accuracy and precision. By owning our laboratories, we have full control over the quality and timeliness of our results, making sure that our clients receive reliable and trustworthy results every time. In addition, our laboratories overseas allow us to cut costs on R&D without loosing quality and provide us the access to biomaterial, which is more scarce in the U.S. (fresh tumor tissue).

About Us

We employ the latest technologies to tailor research solutions to your needs.

We are a clinical research organization, which provides a variety of well-characterized biomaterials for pharmaceutical companies and research organizations, including tissue samples, cell lines, and 3D models of the tumor.

Main Benefits of Working with Us:
Customizable solutions for clinical trials using 3D models.
Access to a large pool of biosamples, including cell lines and organoids.
Full control over product cycle: from sample collection to delivery to the client.
Faster and more efficient clinical trials using subjects with brain death.
Reliable network of labs in America and Europe for processing, testing, and quality control.
Comprehensive network of human biospecimen collection sites from North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.



Opened business in the U.S.


First branch in Ukraine; launched tumor samples biobank


Launched separate R&D project, DRL


R&D of tumor 3D cultures


Opened lab in San Diego


Global expansion to representatives in Bulgaria and Poland; opened lab in Ukraine.


Opened lab in Lithuania.