Cell Viability, Proliferation, and Apoptosis

  • Primary cancer cells and 3D organoids.
  • Cell viability assays (MTT, MTS, CellTiter Glo):
  • Measure cell viability and metabolic activity using colorimetric or luminescent readouts.
  • Apoptosis assays (Annexin V, PI staining, Cl Caspase measurement, TUNEL):
  • Detect and quantify apoptotic cells using flow cytometry, microscopy, or plate-based assays.
  • High-throughput proliferation assays (MTT, MTS):
  • Quantify cell proliferation rates using colorimetric assays.
  • Cell cycle assessment:
  • Analyzes cell cycle distribution using flow cytometry.
  • Metabolic assays (CellTiter Glo):
  • Measure cellular ATP levels as an indicator of metabolic activity.